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FAT LOSS TRUTH: 5 Things to Remember to Promote Lasting Change

By on June 20, 2014

There are many programs, trainers, and articles out there that send a lot of mixed messages to people who are wanting to change their body composition. The truth is that it’s not all that complicated. It doesn’t require a lot of math or a lot of careful planning. It requires some basic knowledge, enough discipline to break bad habits and build good ones, and the right amount of will power to keep up with a healthier lifestyle. I read somewhere that long-term moderation is always better than short term extremes. This is an idea I completely agree with. Keep up mostly healthy eating habits and maintaining a mostly active lifestyle is ALWAYS better than making yourself miserable by taking on an insane workout program and changing your diet so dramatically that you’re feeling hungry most of the day.

Here are some key things to remember if you’re wanting to promote lasting change in your body:

  1. You cannot target fat loss.
    Fat loss is an overall process. There are NO magic diets or special moves that will get you washboard abs despite what you may read in the magazines. I hate seeing the lies being fed to people who are looking to improve their bodies – please know that it is a gradual and progressive process and the only way to see TRUE and LASTING results is to be consistently active and smart about the choices you make regarding what you put into your body.
  2. Fat loss is created in the kitchen and supported by your workout program.
    Healthy eating habits and a consistently active lifestyle will lead to a reduction in overall body fat and while you can target muscle growth through exercise, fat loss depends highly on your calorie burning activity as well as what you put into your body during meals. Lowering your percentage of body fat will happen naturally when you develop better habits and maintain them consistently. (I can’t say CONSISTENTLY enough…)
  3. Your body WILL reflect your lifestyle as a whole.
    A few “magic” exercise moves will NOT give you the body you’re hoping for, will not make you any healthier, and will not give you any more energy. Stop buying into the hype that crash diets, special pills, or 5-minute intense workouts will change your life. The only REAL way to lose weight, cut body fat, increase energy, and maintain those results is to change your lifestyle and your habits.
  4. The body wasn’t designed to be sedentary and be filled with garbage.
    The body is a very complex thing, but very simple at the same time. It was designed for its millions of processes and thousands of functions to thrive off of MOVEMENT and be fueled by foods that NOURISH it. The more you consume foods that don’t fuel it and the less active you are, the worse your body will look and feel. The unfortunate fact is that most people take better care of their cars than their bodies. Most people keep their cars running smoothly while their bodies continue to get more and more sluggish.
  5. Consistency is the ONLY way to achieve — and maintain — your fitness goals.
    Cut the junk. Eat clean. MOVE your body. That combination is the ONLY “key” to seeing results. Remember, what doesn’t CHALLENGE YOU doesn’t CHANGE YOU so if it comes easy, it won’t last long. You don’t have to kill yourself to see positive changes, but you do have to PUSH yourself past what is comfortable. Seeing your body slowly being able to do more and more of what it couldn’t do before is an empowering feeling that I wish everyone would allow themselves to experience.
    ** BONUS: Body composition is ALWAYS more important than body weight. The scale has no idea what changes take place in your body — all it can tell you is how much gravity pulls your body mass down when you step on it. Muscle is denser than fat. You can build 5 pounds of muscle, burn 3 pounds of fat and be a few inches smaller overall but weigh 2 pounds more than before. I use weight as a very loose gauge for progress – I rely mainly on body fat percentage and measurements since weight alone can leave you feeling defeated and discouraged.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that baked and grilled foods are better than fried ones… or that water is better for your body than sugary drinks… or that there should be a limit to sodium intake. You don’t have to be some sort of astrophysicist to understand the benefits of fresh vegetables and fruits or meats that are devoid of things like hormones, steroids, and antibiotics. You don’t have to be a medical professional to know that the body NEEDS to be active, well rested, and well hydrated.

Healthy living is a lot easier than most people seem to think. And contrary to what many marketers would like to sell you, the pipe dream that you can eat WHATEVER you want as long as there is a calorie deficit and still be HEALTHY is a flat-out lie. You may lose weight, but weight loss doesn’t equal overall wellness. Challenge yourself to break one bad habit and develop one good habit each week and gradually change your entire life. I DARE YOU!

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