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Why Are You Here? {Listen to Your HEART!}

By on October 16, 2013

Hi, Fitness Rebooted family!!! It’s been a while and I apologize. I just wanted to make a couple of points this afternoon and I won’t take too much time to wrap this up, but let me start by saying that you are members or visitors of this fitness community because you’re motivated enough to act on what you want, determined enough to work hard for it, and brave enough to believe in yourself and in the changes that can only come from self-discipline and personal drive. I can lead you on your journey but I can’t make you push yourself into success.

What you get out of your membership will rest entirely on your own shoulders and how consistently you use the tools and guidance I give you both during and outside the virtual boot camp challenge sessions. There are enough hours in the day for you to do many unnecessary things — whether or not you make time for your workouts and healthy meal planning on a CONSISTENT basis is up to you.

It’s easy after a few weeks or months to lose interest in training or to lose sight of why you started this journey to a better, healthier YOU so I challenge each of you today to revisit those reasons that you decided it was time for a change. What led you here in the first place? I challenge you to ask yourself (and answer), “Have I given INTO this journey enough to justify what I’m expecting to come OUT of it??” If the answer is not ABSOLUTELY YES, then I also challenge you to update your goals, consider what changes you need to make, and refocus on why you’re doing this. Why are you here?

I can give you all the guidance in the world. You can participate in the virtual boot camp challenges; for those who are local, you can come out four days a week to train with me in person for the rest of your lives, but if you aren’t “all in” then you aren’t going to see the results you’re looking for. How badly do YOU want to be that better, healthier version of yourself? How much of a desire to YOU have to continue your physical transformation and reach the goals you set when you started out? I can want it for you from now until the end of time, but MY drive can’t achieve YOUR goals for you. Your failure is not my fault. Your success is not my victory. Your end point is entirely, 100% a credit to YOU, win or lose.

I always tell my clients LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you physically cannot go on, that’s understandable. We all have our limits, but the harder we push the more we improve and the further we can go before we reach the end of our abilities. Gradually, what was once a limitation becomes a mere suggestion as we power through triumphantly what used to feel like DEATH. That’s called progress. If your body CANNOT, that’s one thing. Listen to your internal cues and don’t push to injury, but DO NOT listen to your mind. It will give up. It will tell you it’s too hard. It will tell you missing a few reps isn’t a big deal. It will tell you slowing down is okay. Listen to your body. Don’t push enough to injure, but push enough to improve.

Don’t listen to your mind. Listen to your heart. I believe each of you have the heart of a lion, but it’s being tamed by the doubts and weaknesses in your head. So, I ask you one last time – WHY ARE YOU HERE? To be mediocre or to be a BEAST? Get it!


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