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Be Your BEST Self: Complete the Puzzle!

By on June 1, 2013

Fitness is an overall physical condition. You cannot reach a healthy level of physical fitness without keeping your body in balance with a constant environment which requires sufficient sleep, food that FUELS your activity (rather than using your activity to justify or offset poor eating habits), an active lifestyle and proper hydration. Your active lifestyle should include flexibility training, cardiovascular/aerobic exercise, and strength training with varied and evolving intensities and combinations. Once your body gets accustomed to a certain routine, even if you are covering all areas, it will adapt to your lifestyle and your progress will level out. You have to confuse your body to continuously reset the process so that you are being challenged and continue to see results.

The state of your personal level of fitness is going to depend on how well you put the pieces of the puzzle together. If you are always just working with a couple of the pieces, you’ll never see the whole picture manifested — it will always just be a vision of what COULD be if you put enough effort forward to piece it all together AT THE SAME TIME. The reason I have gone from 43% bodyfat to 22.1% bodyfat… from a size 18+ to a 6… from nearly 200 pounds to 140… from a BMI in the obese range to a healthy range… from not being able to do ANY regular pushups to being able to do 80 in 2 minutes or from walking a 20 minute mile (I couldn’t run a block!) to running a mile in 8:32 — and all of this even AFTER having five children within 8 years while living an extremely sedentary lifestyle — is because I became committed to a healthy lifestyle and didn’t make excuses. I know many programs “asterisk” their testimonials to say that the results aren’t typical BUT in my case, I can honestly say that if I can do it, there is NO reason that anyone else cannot do it.

All of this is to say that if YOU don’t want it enough to stay dedicated to your fitness journey, no one can promise you results. You will NEVER reap benefits until you are willing to consistently put in the work — your body was DESIGNED to function through MOVEMENT. Literally ALL of your body’s natural processes NEED an active lifestyle just to FUNCTION properly and efficiently. In order to be FIT and maintain a HEALTHY weight and bodyfat percentage, your body requires at least moderate daily activity and foods that FUEL that activity, not an unbalanced diet that counters your activity by making your body sluggish and forcing it to work overtime to process those junk-type foods through your various systems.

Our virtual boot camp and rotating 8-week challenges are developed to give you a vastly diverse and ever-evolving mixture of flexibility and strength training, activities that build coordination and balance as well as cardiovascular/aerobic exercise and support for your healthy lifestyle through our online community as well as guidance for your dietary habits through personal dialog and suggestion from not only from me, as a trainer, but also from our members. We want to see you succeed in reaching your fitness goals — we want to see you improve your physical health and be the best YOU that you can be. The tools we provide through your membership are only going to be useful to you if you access them — if you are completing the boot camp workouts, if you are talking to us about your questions and applying those suggestions to change your habits… and if you are being an active part of our growing Facebook community (130+ members and counting) to support one another in your struggles and congratulate one another in your triumphs.

The worst thing you can do when you have a goal is to have resources available to you that will assist you in getting there and NOT use them. You only get ONE body. Respect it.

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