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Q&A: What Equipment Do I REALLY Need To Get Fit?

By on December 11, 2012

There are so many tools you can use to get fit, to lose weight, to tone, to build strength… but don’t let inaccessibility deter you from setting, working toward, and reaching your health goals! Over the years I’ve had treadmills, gazelles, gym memberships, weights, and various other equipment resources and they did nothing to get me any closer to where I am today. The most important thing you need to REALLY get fit is a positive attitude toward fitness. Once you set your mind to achieve the goals you set, you’re halfway there! From the start of my own personal journey toward a healthier *me* I have used four things: two eight pound weights, a yoga mat, and a¬†resistance band. That’s it.

Getting healthy and becoming physical fit doesn’t require anything fancy. Just determination and a willingness to work toward the goals you’ve set for yourself. In conjunction with those things I listed, I’ve used the support of other participants in the boot camp class I attend, the guidance of my trainer, a track at a public park, and things like benches, steps, concrete curbs around the parking lot, natural inclines, etc — all that are found right there at that park. Can’t get to a park several times a week to work out? Use the streets in your neighborhood as your track and find areas right there at your own home that will serve to assist you in weight loss training such as stairs or hills!

I’m not saying that gym memberships or expensive exercise equipment aren’t helpful — I’m only saying that they aren’t necessary and you don’t have to wait until you have access to them in order to get moving and get HEALTHY! There is no such thing as being too out of shape. There is no such thing as being too old. There is no such thing as it being too late for you to turn your habits around and develop a healthier pattern of living. So, what equipment do you REALLY need to get fit? The best asset you have when you decide to increase your level of physical fitness is a strong mind, because that is what will be challenged the most as you break old habits and develop new ones.

Once you’ve got your mind right, GET ACTIVE. We will continue to give you tips, guidance, and support week in and week out so keep checking back for creative and fun ways to get your body moving! :) And remember, if you aren’t feeding your body the right things to fuel it for the goals you have, you won’t see the results you’re looking for but we’ve got you covered there as well. The GET NOURISHED section will provide you with healthy tips and recipes to keep you on track no matter what you’re craving!

What have you found is most helpful to YOU as you strive to become more fit? I’d love to hear about your favorite piece of equipment in the comments section below!

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